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Well this is it folks no 3rd parts for anything good have ever come out.

it's not working on Mac? my comp asks if I want to open it but when I say yes it won't open. if I try to open it again nothing happens.

i really enjoyed this game! i just finished playing i think i got all the routes! ive never ready a VN like this before so it was great!

wow!!! the story turned into something least expected!!!

it was extremely fun to find all the endings i could and at some points i got a pretty skeeved out (LOVE the updated bad ending art!)

I think I seriously got every bad ending possible by accident! I was trying to find the true route for so long!! it was still fun, the art is really cute.

I love this game and it's predecessor! I really hope you make another game!<3

Love this so much! I ship Tanaka and Tohru so much.. <33

THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING GAME!!! Although this game is short, the story and each and every one of the endings were very interesting, and I enjoyed every second of it~ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS GAME!!! But the true ending tho XD

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I'm really loving this series! I hope you enjoy watching someone play it!!

EDIT: Here's part 2!~

oh boy here we go again.

ps just did another small series on this game as well

amazing and very funny

It wil be a ,,Liar Liar 3"?

_spoil don't read if u didn't paly the game yet_h

what I liked about this game is that everyone is killing everyone exept for Tanaka .... he is CUTE >W< I ship him with minami *_* AND I LOVED THE TRUE ENDING Thank u for making this game I realy enjoyed it the art is fantastic MERCI

I finally got the True End after many bad endings. It was a really good game!


wow that is a awesome game ^^ i like both of them :D

i thought that the 3 endings that was in the demo continue here.. good game tho, but i think the demo was much more interesting..

still, this is one of my favorite games ever! i wish there will be more :)


Holy shit - literally everyone's a murderer??? Except Tanaka of course, but he's the one that always gets killed. Always.

haha , yeah he is. I kinda think he is cool , but Yukari is still ma fave

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I can see why, if you take the fact that she killed 15+ people, then she is a rather good person. I like her character A LOT lololol

:3 can totally relatze to this x3

:3 can totally relatze to this x3

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unfortunately i cant play the game :( it seems to open then nothing happens so i tried spamming it but it still didn't work. so is there something i'm doing wrong or is the demo broken please help i really want to play the game! i'm using a mac with OS serria don't know if that matters though please help! i also had the same problem with the first game what do i do?!?!?!

Right click on the main file and click on contents. there should be a folder inside of it that says macOS, and inside of that folder should be a terminal that'll start the game. And don't try to put it into fullscreen, it makes the game close out for some reason

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i as just commenting toask if i may have permission on starting a little serieson this game!

I love this game!

Miho and Yukari were so cute, tho!

I wish you could edit this to have a 2 true ending to where koshi niho and minami and yukari survive

Amazing game! I'm exited to play your next game! <3

Really good game, the characters felt really good and fleshed out.

Also that true ending really caught me off guard.

Hi! I wonder - how to contact you by email or maybe on FaceBook? :)