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idk why i was so critical of this game 2 years ago 😭😭

love everything about it. its really entertaining and all of the characters feel so real,, they all have their flaws and motivations behind their actions. i don't think theres been a moment while playing this in which i was bored. i love this <3

How do I do fullscreen on the game??

Poor Tanaka the world's worst murder victim and apparently the only person in at least two high schools and a middle school with morals. This was really fun to play, all the characters are so much fun!


Yukari and miho are my fave, sad to see they all both died in the end lol but eh

i drew Yukari as a Splatoon inkling !, shes wearing the splatoon sailor 

it was very nice to draw! +~ ( ˶ > '˶)

splatoon fan !

your art is really beautiful !

As funny and fitting as the true ending is I gotta say I prefer the bad miho ending because I like Miho as a character way too much

I prefer the ending with everyone alive except for Akira and Mina(Although I don't know if Akira died, It ended with Minas death)

I just want to let you know that the mac version is broken, at least on my device</3

My brother loves this series so I'm working on porting what I can into my renpy, but I just thought you would want to know. You're a very talented developer!

I played the liar liar 2 demo (and made the demo ending) thinking that the complete version wasn't ready....I'M SUCH A STUPID BI- by the way, this game needs a BIGGER fandom, I just love it, Yukari a Tohru are all I needed

aaahhh its so nice to find this game aain as an adult LOLOL i love the artowrk and the adorable character designs, and just content like this in general, so cute and funny XD, thank u for sharing your work!


I loved this game! This was an amazing sequel! The art and character designs are great as always. The true end disappointed me though. Also this game solos the original lmao.

Really loved this game, I got a bit frustrated that i could only get bad endings but i need a part 3 after finishing all endings!!!!

This game was a trip. lolz But I love the unexpectedness of some parts! Super fun.

i really enjoyed this game, I got all endings on both games! 10/10


Guys! don't turn on full screen mode! It will completely wreck the game!

Finally got around to playing this sequel! It was a lot of fun to see how the story unfolded. I'm not sure that I got all the endings, but I got many. This was so cool, so thank you for sharing!

I played this for my YouTube, if you'd like to see it in another tab then follow this link!

I've seen people on here asking for a guide, and I enjoy this series a lot, so I ended up making a google doc walking through each option to do for each ending. I hope this helps some of you guys, and please tell me if there's an ending I'm missing or if the options are wrong! <3

Also, if the creator of the game wants me to remove this, I'm happy to.


Everyone in this school is INSANE!! | Liar Liar 2 Pants On Fire

Played both games now they are really great visual novels keep up the great work. I enjoyed how this one had more decisions than the first game to make I liked seeing all the outcomes!! Keep it up

i played the first game and im so happy this one came out! so excited to play hehe

Liar liar pants fire!

I had to reread your disclaimer at the very end of your description, cos I really couldn't believe this was made in just a week.

You really shouldn't play yourself down like that! Despite the simple premise, I'd say the story was very well written and illustrated. It still kept familiar elements from it's predecessor, but Liar Liar 2 truly expands on the story further, and I'd say there's even major improvements in the art style as well.

I can't wait to see the remake of this, that's something I'm looking forward to covering once it comes out.

There's so many endings Cx Love this game so much! Played it for the first time a few years back and i didn't know there was a part 2! Amazing work !

Part 3 pleaseee this game is so nice to play 😭😭💗

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no matter what i do i keep getting bad endings :( does anyone know if theres a guide?

amazing game! but does anyone know how many endings there are? i highkey wish there was a way to keep track of the ones ive gotten other than just writing it down


I played this game a while ago on stream since I'm a VTuber (My twitch ;) And BOY was this game amazing!! It took me a bit longer to complete and this one is better than the first game by far. It goes into more detail and has WAY MORE ENDINGS! So if u are going to play CHOOSE CAREFULLY SINCE ALL CHOISES MATTER!! But I would highly recommend this game! And u can check the vod out on My Youtube!

 This one took me a bit more time, but not too long to where i got frustrated and gave up. I totally recommend it

i accidentally put it in full screen and now i cant undo it </33

i did the same, i just reinstalled it

have you tried hitting Alt + Enter? (it’s a shortcut for switching between fullscreen)


I kinda wanna see a third game just to see tanaka rise from the dead. Again.


nice like the first game but it nice it was a bit longer 10/10

we need Android



amazing game, love the artstyle,but i still want to think that the normal ending was cannon, and not the true one

I LOVE IT, the first one were good but this one its excelent, 9/10

Probably my favorite game on so far!! i love the artstyle so much and the character expressions are wonderful!! <3

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AAA THIS IZ PROLLY MY MOST FAV ITCH.IO GAMES OF ALL TIMES!! it was fun to get all of the endings, i loved this sm

the true ending made my jaw drop; i was not expecting such a finish! i had a lot of fun exploring all of the options and achieving many endings. it was a bit more difficult than the first game, where finding multiple endings was a piece of cake. a fantastic second game! <3

how do u get the ending from the first picand what is it called :

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betray Tohru by not telling Miho where the body's are

Ending name: No Leg Left To Stand On


Really loved the game, there are so many great scenes. It was a real challenge this time to find all of the endings in the game, it was well worth it, especially with how funny the true ending is.
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