A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The sequel to my first game Liar Liar : Liar Liar 2: Pants on Fire

Continues one year after the game left off, Yukari and Miho are now high schoolers, who are now dating and spend their leisure time together holding hands, kissing, and murdering the occasional boy or two. On one day just like any other, a new transfer student arrives to Yukari's school. It's Koshi Tanaka! But wasn't he dead? Apparently not. The goal of the game is to figure out the mysterious circumstances of Tanaka's revival and most importantly, staying alive.

Trigger Warnings: Blood and Gore (an example of one depicted above), Violence (a majority of it is implied, but include, forced amputation, implied torture, throat slashing, and stabbing) mentions of stalking, eye strain (like the first game it is fairly bright), sudden noises and the screen shakes occasionally

I worked on this with a strict deadline of a week as opposed to five days this time, and I'm proud to say it's much longer. The true route should take you around 20-30 minutes to complete! Unfortunately, the story is pretty predictable (and cheesy too haha) and quite linear, there are probably a bunch of things left unexplained and a lot of stuff I wanted to include (that didn't make the final cut) I have learned my lesson I will probably write out the script instead of making stuff up as I go next time haha. I hope you guys have as much fun playing it as I had fun making it!


liarliar2-all.zip 59 MB


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super fun to play! i love all the characters and i loved getting all the cool endings


Got all the endings, super fun! I personally like Tohru and I hate Akira. Lol that's all ok bye


jeEZUS it took foreverrr to got the true ending, real sad. (no spoilers ;9)

lovely game though!

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Love it!

I tried the first one year ago and today I decided to play the second. IMPRESSED!

Again I made a video (in Spanish):
[http://bit.ly/LiarLiar2] I hope you enjoy it and have a good afternoon!

the game was really good! I think there are scenes I haven't seen but im still playing the game, but overall, its a good game! love it <3

Hey, i like your game and i want our people play this game with our language?

What do you think?

Can i translate this game my language?

I made a video on the first one. Had to do the second one. I like the first one better admittidly but this one gave a much needed ending and focused more on the side characters. So I apperciated that aspect. 

Doe's anyone know where all the content in the demo are? Or is the demo a revamped verison of 2 but missing the entire thing?


Played the first one, and found it to be a bit too short. So, I wanted to see what the second game had to offer, And I have gotta say, this series had me hooked! I'm a sucker for choice driven games, and this one has many more choices and endings. This one had me struggling around choices to get the true end, and I loved every twisted second of it! This is a huge step up from the last game and it shows that you put more into developing the story and how choices play out. I hope you intend on keeping up with this project!

Hey, I'm just curious on which program you used to make this. I love the game, it's absolutely fantastic!

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This is made with Ren'Py, a free and easy Python-based Visual Novel Engine. Check it out here: https://www.renpy.org/

Now this is something. I would recommend anyone who's scrolling down the comments, after playing the first game ofc. It's very enjoyable and twisted. Can be confused at times but you'll figured out soon enough how to get the true ending. If you really want to know how to get one u can search it up or just scroll down the comments bc there's somewhere there u can find out. I've really enjoyed this


After Years of hardwork (( JK )), I finally think I was able to gain most of the Endings. If Liar Liar 3 ever went out, I'd gladly play it <3


Are you ever planning on making a part three?


"How not to act as a human"-Simulator




The endings are all so unexspected! It took me a while to actaully get to the true ending, and the art is really well drawn too. I love everything about this game~


Been playing the series on my channel and I'm having a blast with this! 

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THERE ARE SO MANY ENDINGS!!! AND I NEED MORE!! THIS IS THE STORIES I LOVE!! YANDERES!!! PLS MAKE MOREEEE i wish i know how to do splashed blood on my animes...;v;

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esse game


This is sad I love the charaters and Yukari but I like the game!


This sequel feels like a polished, longer, and more intricate/detailed version of the first game-while also managing to continue the storyline from the first game. It got genuinely creepy & serious, while having the sillier vibe of the previous game.

I seriously lost track of time playing this; I wanted to explore every possible ending involved-and every character interaction.

Awesome game! I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoy creepy games, choose your own adventure stories/mysteries, or anime fans!


Good game. Waiting for the third~~

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All Endings:
(Not sure if these are all but I believe these are all the endings)

  1. The True End (Good End)
  2. Normal End (Good End)
  3. Liar (Bad End)
  4. Totally Boned (Bad End)
  5. Akira's Plaything (Bad End)
  6. Sisters (Bad End)
  7. Unavoidable Disaster (Bad End)
  8. No leg left to stand on (Bad End)
  9. Mi★na★Go★ro★shi (Bad End)

there is also the widow ending, it said it was also a true ending UwU

How do you get it??

Once you get to the three Help Minami options you have to choose the last one 



This was SO GOOD!!!! There were so many twists and turns in the endings that were genuinely creepy but to theme of the previous game. Hats off to the developers of this game 



This game is amazing! i love the art style!

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I was looking at the source code and could not understand how the variables tanakapointsakirapoints are used. Can somebody explain to me? 

A really great game I enjoyed to relieve my stress from school, oddly. 

However, could anyone tell me how many endings there are?


I haven't counted, but there is a video on youtube that shows all the endings. Here you go! Hope I helped :)

Thank you very much! 

you're welcome :)

There was a character named Michiru in the demo. I got to the ending where she was, but it wasn't finished, and it said that the full ending would be in the second game, but it wasn't. I was a little sad, but I still love the game! Can you make a third game? (With Tohru too please :3)

i dont like the true end because i like that Yukari and Miho were dating so yeah basicly all the endings are bad endings for me p.s like the game anyway 

I FOUND SOMETHING COOL. I WAS JUST CURIOUS AND WENT TO SEE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I PUT SOME OF THE SPRITES FROM THE DEMO IN THIS ONE. AND IT ACTUALLY WORKED! i put the one of Minami in the demo when she screams "LIAR!" and kills Yukari. so i went to the part where akira has minami and she tries to kill her. so when she dies by miho or whatever she a makes this face,  So when she made this face she did the one from the demo when she screams "LIAR!" at Yukari and kills her..... i just wanted to share this neat thing. OwO


pays first game wow plays second looks cool turns around

*internal screaming* a year of therapy later and sets as desktop background


Mitho ... , where it Mitho !!!!! 


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1.i want liar liar 3.    :""3 please?    : "D

Hi i wanted to ask if i can make lets play videos about your game if possbile write me back here

oh mannn I love this game so muchhh, I really wish for a third game =(QwQ)=


Looks like Yandere Stimulator has competition :)

No :)

ive experienced all the endings... so dark...

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