A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The sequel to my first game Liar Liar : Liar Liar 2: Pants on Fire

Continues one year after the game left off, Yukari and Miho are now high schoolers, who are now dating and spend their leisure time together holding hands, kissing, and murdering the occasional boy or two. On one day just like any other, a new transfer student arrives to Yukari's school. It's Koshi Tanaka! But wasn't he dead? Apparently not. The goal of the game is to figure out the mysterious circumstances of Tanaka's revival and most importantly, staying alive.

Trigger Warnings: Blood and Gore (an example of one depicted above), Violence (a majority of it is implied, but include, forced amputation, implied torture, throat slashing, and stabbing) mentions of stalking, eye strain (like the first game it is fairly bright), sudden noises and the screen shakes occasionally

I worked on this with a strict deadline of a week as opposed to five days this time, and I'm proud to say it's much longer. The true route should take you around 20-30 minutes to complete! Unfortunately, the story is pretty predictable (and cheesy too haha) and quite linear, there are probably a bunch of things left unexplained and a lot of stuff I wanted to include (that didn't make the final cut) I have learned my lesson I will probably write out the script instead of making stuff up as I go next time haha. I hope you guys have as much fun playing it as I had fun making it!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
TagsGore, liar-liar


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amazing game! but does anyone know how many endings there are? i highkey wish there was a way to keep track of the ones ive gotten other than just writing it down

I played this game a while ago on stream since I'm a VTuber (My twitch ;) And BOY was this game amazing!! It took me a bit longer to complete and this one is better than the first game by far. It goes into more detail and has WAY MORE ENDINGS! So if u are going to play CHOOSE CAREFULLY SINCE ALL CHOISES MATTER!! But I would highly recommend this game! And u can check the vod out on My Youtube!

 This one took me a bit more time, but not too long to where i got frustrated and gave up. I totally recommend it

i accidentally put it in full screen and now i cant undo it </33

i did the same, i just reinstalled it

have you tried hitting Alt + Enter? (it’s a shortcut for switching between fullscreen)


I kinda wanna see a third game just to see tanaka rise from the dead. Again.


nice like the first game but it nice it was a bit longer 10/10

we need Android



amazing game, love the artstyle,but i still want to think that the normal ending was cannon, and not the true one

I LOVE IT, the first one were good but this one its excelent, 9/10

Probably my favorite game on itch.io so far!! i love the artstyle so much and the character expressions are wonderful!! <3

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哦tanaka,,,全游唯一正常人(不是)立绘真的很可爱,,!!te结局让我很难过呃呜呜呜呜因为我真的很喜欢miho和yukari TT



AAA THIS IZ PROLLY MY MOST FAV ITCH.IO GAMES OF ALL TIMES!! it was fun to get all of the endings, i loved this sm

the true ending made my jaw drop; i was not expecting such a finish! i had a lot of fun exploring all of the options and achieving many endings. it was a bit more difficult than the first game, where finding multiple endings was a piece of cake. a fantastic second game! <3

how do u get the ending from the first picand what is it called :

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betray Tohru by not telling Miho where the body's are

Ending name: No Leg Left To Stand On


Really loved the game, there are so many great scenes. It was a real challenge this time to find all of the endings in the game, it was well worth it, especially with how funny the true ending is.


Absolutely amazing game the true ending had me shocked for quite a few moments. All the other endings were equally unique as well. I definitely recommend playing this game if you're up for it.

Your art is stunning! The CGs and sprites are just unreal, I love it. The music you chose for some endings were also a nice touch!

i love this sm! i like how twisted most of the characters are


wow this is a really weird and sad game, the true ending has the main character kill every character that was in the story and then meeting some other girl we literally never heard about in the whole series, wow such great story telling bro like ong

We need Chinese

I agree,too

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I love all the charaters, and just love all the blood, options, and endings!! Absolitly AMAZINGGGGGG

The fact that tanaka IS BACK SHOCKED ME-


Im so happy hes back, but the ending where tohru cuts off tanakas feet- AHHH GeEZ- Its very intresting!

I also love Akirka? I think thats how you spell his name.. Im not sure sorry ahahah

But I love how he has a thing for Yukari, and the 2 endings you get with him! Even the part where he was going to tear off her toe nails, and finger nails, even her eye lids so she could watch herself cry in pain AHHHH- I love these twisted charaters!

I just wanna say, its a 10/10 novel for me. 

Thanks so much for makeing this wonderful game, I cant wait to see what you come up with next, ablousitly love this game! <3333


fr this game is so addictive, the characters, gore and everything is just mvvah


Very nice

anyone have any idea why is the game refusing to open in the mac ...

yea ikr but i used itch.io and i downloaded the game there and lauched it

it won't work to all games byt press apple symbol top left, press system preferences, then security and privacy, click the lock on bottom left to allow it


Bit late to the party with this game I think. But I love the twist to the yandere genre this gives. Instead of the usual victim being the reader, its just a battle of yandere supremacy. It felt very refreshing to see that coupled with the innocent looking bright colours and cheery atmosphere of the art style. Good stuff! 

i cant download the game, everytime i try to download it it says failure to download


this was my childhood

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I really like this universe and the 2 game have the same things that make the first one so enjoyable and with more content!! but I really dislike the true ending, for me Miho could learn with Tanaka that not every boy is bad or something like that (especially after we learn that Tanaka also have a bloody yandere) but I guess the idea of this game is be more gory that the first and the bad endings were awesome, so I can't complain, thank you for make this game <3


-cries- miho... OH MY POOR SWEET MIHO...

Is nice but when i pick the neither to go with the pink boy & and the blonde one yukari dies :(

oh you need to go with the blond guy back to ur home so he does nto kill´s you


it wont open?? pls help :-; (mac version)

download itch.io launcher and install and open the game from there


The true ending is so sad.... i hate it i dislike it... minami, Akira,and tohru's death was okay but why miho and tanaka???? yukari is sick.... but i love her bc im sick too :D

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all of the liar liar games are basically about why stalking is bad so i would say that they are educational in their own way. part 2 is awesome but just so you know it is more gory and there are even more creeps than in the first game lol

and do not betray your friends btw ;)


its literally refusing to open-




Might want to add another trigger warning for racial slurs.


when was there a racial slur ?


I don't remember exactly where in the story, but at one point Yukari calls I think Akira a nignog (which is an N-word variant).


no its not, it means idiot basically


it is most definitely a shortened version of the n word???


foolish person

nig-nog1 noun

Brit A foolish person; hence, a raw and unskilled recruit.


Definitely cheesy, but it keeps the charm of the original! All the new designs are super cute. Loved getting more growth from Tanaka and Miho; despite the zaniness of this series, they have complexity to them! You can really sympathize with them lol

I wish there was a little more time dedicated to Tanaka, parts of this background are really interesting but just get handwaved. But I understand that you had to keep the project small, we're already spoiled with all these super unique bad endings.


I'm so surprised by my ending  :O !!!!!

This is such a cute game.

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