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can you play on chrome book if so how 😅 thanks in advance 

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I am using chromebook so I can't play this game! It sucks! I wanted to play this game so bad!


sucks to suck

yea, it really do be like that sometimes.


This is really amazing! I love Tohru my boy <3

I must be super invested judging by the amount of art I'm drawing for it, so I guess I'll subscribe and come back to check it out when you've finished!


i cant get into the game, its apparently has a password.

I loved it, it made my heart scream (I love games that make me want to cry and feel so many emotions so good job with that!) and I loved the yukabayashi ending becuase tohru and yukabayashi are just like, complete opposites and that kind of makes it funny.


Genuinely amazing! I hope this demo gets finished some day. I played through the original Liar Liar 2 game, but this remake demo genuinely expands on the characters! Looking forward to the full version!

uwu where do I get all the unused artworks for those endings that don't exist

in the game file :)

yeah I see most of them. I haven't been able to find some, for instance, one where Akira's licking some blood  off his hand or one where Tohru's holding a butchers knife.

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Sorry, I know this was commented 6 months ago lmao, but the one with Tohru holding the knife is one of the bad endings. I think you get it by telling him "Yes, that's bad" after Tanaka hurts his feelings.

Hi Tokimekiwaku! i have played all of the liar liar you did! I really like your art styles, the blood of yours is good. I don't know how to draw splashed bloods on my animeee...Mind if you teach me pls? I just wanna be like you. :P

wow, i love this! hope it gets finished one day <3

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I hope this game is eventually finished I absolutely adore this series but if you've moved onto other projects that's understandable to after all it's your life and you've gotta make the most out of it >w< just wanted to say I love your art and games >w<

I really hope that you did not abandon this project. I would like to know what happened next.

the finished game is in her page if you still need to know

what really where?

the maker page  link is this page 

Wait where's the maker page?

their* Toki said their pronouns are "they/them" on twitter...

this game is the BEST soo far im playing it everyday!

this was such a great play!! i played the full game first, and i'm kind of glad. this really raised the bar for future games, if you ever make any. this may just be a demo, but it's definitely worth the playthrough!!

For anyone wondering, I've found a few major differences between the demo and the full game so I'd say it's definitely worth playing both.


i hope it will be available for windows soon, ill love to play it!

wow this is a grand improvement from the original liar liar 2!  i love the new sprites and many new paths!!!!!  very very entertaining to get all of the endings i could :)



no idea sorry budd

i pretty sure its not an ending that was added into the game. i think its just something people found in the files

hey im gonna be playing the first one for youtube so... will this be on windows soon so i can record this as well?

When I played this game I may have found an error? At one point of the game Miho was talking but her name said Minami??

Ok so im confused is this a remastered version of liar liar 2 or was this demo just released really hecking late because if its a remake im hyped

its a demo version of the remake ^^


Wow, Tanaka is such a douchebag in this demo (Why did you take the ghosts out I wanted to see Wakabayashi again ;-;)


Wow, Tanaka is such a douchebag in this demo (Why did you take the ghosts out I wanted to see Wakabayashi again ;-;)


I'm so looking forward to play the full version! omg :3


Oh my god, this game has to be my favorite one right now honestly

I can't wait for the full version!! The liar liar games are my life