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I was originally going to release this on April Fool's day as an elaborate prank but I didn't finish it in time since real life got in the way. Here it is anyways, since I spent an obscene amount of time on it for a joke game….Take this with a grain of salt I made this mostly during breaks from work haha

The game follows Wakabayashi! A normal middle school boy, who one day runs into a magical rabbit Tanaka, who offers to grant his wish but for a price! To become the world's top idol! Help Wakabayashi (or don't) become world's top idol to grant his one wish!

Game play should take less than 5 minutes

** also yes I know he has six fingers, I understand.

WARNINGS: Blood, Mentions of Graphic Violence (There is no violent images present in this game), Eye strain, and the screen shakes occasionally


bloodidolwakabayashi1.0-all.zip 57 MB


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what do tanaka's eyes say?


It means death in Chinese :)

thank you!

bruh she got 6 fingers ;-;

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play Liar Liar. Is not a she XDDDD

Liar Liar is also very good tbh


Funny fact: In the main menu, Wakabayashi has 6 fingers.

yeah, I noticed it too lol XD

I love playing this game as I have played and followed the Liar Liar trilogy. Even though you said this was an April's fools joke game. I think it is nice that you would put your effort into this game. I'll be uploading two other games that are Liar Liar!

Hope to see other works, thank you for reading!

Simple, short, and sickening sweet as always. Loved it ♡♡

Yea!! I loved it haha XD



i found a way to make it work   1)  download 2) right click on game icon(girl w red hair)   3) click 'show package contents'   4)  open folder titled contents   5) open folder 'MacOs'  6)  right click open!!

Smiley smiley waku waku. Oh and I love the classroom chalkboard.


The bunny guy is the best part about all of this, nothing is better than deadpan.

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Isn't Wakabayashi the stalker that got killed in the Liar Liar game and was this set before or after Liar Liar?

I just realised that it must be set before the Liar Liar as he is alive .

yeah i noticed that when i SAW THE FREAKING TITLE BUDD



After playing through Liar Liar and really enjoying it, I thought I'd check out what other games you had on offer. Even though it's a joke game, it's still pretty well done. I found this game to be a bit more 'cutesy' than Liar Liar but I think that's a given, probably has something to do with all the murder...but I digress, it was a short, funny game and I enjoyed my time with it.


so cute! 


whats the opening song?

I need to make fanart of these guys 


lol "Haha, XD I'm such a clutz~!"




second episeode coming out hot : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC_Qph150k8

hey man loved your game and made a small series of it.

hope you enjoy it https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5jicRHT5va1rLQLN8TB08A

the endings tho

absolutely amazing. :D