A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

I was originally going to release this on April Fool's day as an elaborate prank but I didn't finish it in time since real life got in the way. Here it is anyways, since I spent an obscene amount of time on it for a joke game….Take this with a grain of salt I made this mostly during breaks from work haha

The game follows Wakabayashi! A normal middle school boy, who one day runs into a magical rabbit Tanaka, who offers to grant his wish but for a price! To become the world's top idol! Help Wakabayashi (or don't) become world's top idol to grant his one wish!

Game play should take less than 5 minutes

** also yes I know he has six fingers, I understand.

WARNINGS: Blood, Mentions of Graphic Violence (There is no violent images present in this game), Eye strain, and the screen shakes occasionally

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel


bloodidolwakabayashi1.0-all.zip 57 MB


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very short sweet and funny and I love the title song!

Does anyone know the title screen song?

this was such a stupid but fun game to play! though it would be a masterpiece if the game had progressed to the point where we could see the idol group perform! xD thank you very much for creating this game! <3


theres 6 fingers- and the left one has 5-


That funny ending caught me off guard! Great game!


the moment you think the cover looks alright until you count the right hand's fingers


he have 6 fingers O_O

lmao the photo when you get an ending is just straight up a masterpiece

wait I have a question- pls someone answer. Did the game update I don't remember some of the music, or its just been a while since I played.

I had a lot of fun with the voices for this. I love the art, music, and overall mood of this game. Good job! 

How many endings are there?


that moment when you are a stalker but the girl you're stalking is already taken by a murderer lesbian so a gay rabbit falls out of the sky and tells you to form a fem-boy boy band so you find a goth twink who wants to sacrifice your rabbit for unknown reasons and a sexy (sexe) murderer to join your boy band but then gay rabbit says haha heck you better practice for a few years with your newly assembled fruity boy band and then maybe you can have that either taken or dead lesbian depends on what route's more canon

this is seriously so casually chaotic and fruity, as well as both the liar liar games, also literally everyone in the 3 games are absolutely freaking insane and I'm here for it

(okay but the six fingers are kinda quirky doe, we love it)

also I'm living for the beautiful art style~ I really wish I had found these sooner, this was a great experience xD


i love this game. such a fun experience <з


I don't know what happened but I loved it

Hello! I played your game and it was really cute! I know this was just an April Fool’s joke of a game it was actually entertaining to play. Petition for merch art please LOL.

I’m glad I discovered your game going to be trying out your other games in the future!

i downloaded this, but idk how to open the file, can someone help me?

cursed... i love your art style :D

Really cute and fun game! The ending was not satisfying and some of the jokes were a little too meta but I had a good time.

You can check out my video on it if ya want!



bro the art is so pastel and wholesome i love it, the story is pretty funny and it feels like you had making it which makes me have fun playing, also dude femboys are adorable but seeing one not be gay is new and a good change of pace, amazing work 


he's so cute hhgg,,, his design is the best

and suddenly I have all their idol merch, pink, purple, and blue glowsticks, and a memorized idol dance for whenever I see them.


when you fall for a gay girl so you become a femboy


I recommend playing LiarLiar 1 (and 2 if you'd like) because he's from the theatre club and particularly you might understand it a bit more. 

thank you!

I've got no idea what I just played, but I love it

hiw did i just found this i love this-

ahah adorable, love it <3

Wha- what a beautiful thing 

The art in this game is so adorable ;_;

It's a cute and short game, pretty funny, very enjoyable.

It works for me. I wish I could explain to everyone how to do it! :(


i didn't noticed that he had 6 fingers in the menu until you mentioned it ANYWAYS GREAT GAME 
this is gold


Oh my gosh, what did I just play LOL

The art is adorable, it's funny, it's memes, it's great. 


this game is so ridiculous in such a good way lol. I loved the art


wont download for some reason it always fails the virus scan


literally almost every game does??? just turn off the antivirus when downloading it then turn it on again


The fact that none of the events of the first and second game would have hapened if Akira just dated the stalker mf sure is something

ha. that's what i thought.


hahaha! this game is fantastic. i still love the liar liar games, but this is such a meme its killing me. (no pun intended) liKE jesuz akira's sprite had me rollin. i love it, well done!


Another amazing game, and I'm super happy I was able to play it. LOVE the art, music, and funny-but-serious-at-times-dialogue.. but, really, it's expected with how good the Liar, Liar games were.

If you're into adorable, kawaii art, perfect music for the scenes, over the top anime situations and murder then you'll love this game AND both of the Liar, Liar games. 


*the best find so far on Itch.io for me, for reals.* 

it doesn't work for mac... which is a bummer because I love the idea!

just install winrar.. then you'll be able to play it mkay?

uhhh,,, its not working?

how do you   use it?

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