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I was originally going to release this on April Fool's day as an elaborate prank but I didn't finish it in time since real life got in the way. Here it is anyways, since I spent an obscene amount of time on it for a joke game….Take this with a grain of salt I made this mostly during breaks from work haha

The game follows Wakabayashi! A normal middle school boy, who one day runs into a magical rabbit Tanaka, who offers to grant his wish but for a price! To become the world's top idol! Help Wakabayashi (or don't) become world's top idol to grant his one wish!

Game play should take less than 5 minutes

** also yes I know he has six fingers, I understand.

WARNINGS: Blood, Mentions of Graphic Violence (There is no violent images present in this game), Eye strain, and the screen shakes occasionally

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Published212 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tagsliar-liar, Visual Novel


bloodidolwakabayashi1.0-all.zip (57 MB)


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absolutely amazing. :D