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English to Spanish Translator here!
I'd like to translate the game if you are interested. Please contact me


We had so much fun murdering!! <3

Full playthrough between two grad students going insane at 4am!

i unzipped it and tried to run the exe but i'm getting "error 87 parameter missing when loading library" 


did you compress the files?

stab stab stab stabby :3

yo wanna be my girlfriend (my blood lines ending with me)

oh this game is so cute and funny and murdery, short but sweet and stabby!

Fun game.


woah i played this like so long ago i was like in 8th grade?  7th? i fr dont know but i know i was hella young im now in grade 12


loved the gay psycho endinggg <333





you download it then compress all files, click  on the one that says "liar liar" after




This is a simple 15 minute game yet I already love these two lesbian psycho gals so much


my girlie ATE that.


I really liked the game and the artstyle is ultra pretty!


liar liar pants on fire

liar liar dance on fire :(

If I were to save any boy from dying in the good ending it'd be Tanaka, Like if Miho moved Tanaka somewhere else to where Tanaka couldn't have got out to save the Boy in time.

idk if it happened to someone too, but i tried to open it fullscreen and i saw only the middle part of the game so i couldn't even quit the game the normal way, maybe there's a way i can fix that?

you cant open fullsrceen on this game


 n joguei o jg kkj, quando eu jgr eu avalio

Esta muy lindo!! es una muy buena 

historia :)

I love the visuals in this game and the story is simple but pretty good for a game made in five days. Good visual novel to kill 45 minutes with. I enjoyed it!


credo mds

As the description said, the plot was shallow. But considering this is just a test game and is pretty small it's good for what it is. It's enjoyable enough. I loved the artstyle and character designs.

(1 edit) (-3)

In my opinion, It was kind of boring. (Yes, i was in search of cute games) First of all, Why can't Yukari just break up with him...? Why does she even have to kill him (Yes, probably she's a yandere) Why can't she kill her sister instead /j But it was still good for the artstyle :)


The game won't open on MacBook Air. I open it and it doesn't launch.

Here's what worked for me!

1. Rick click the icon

2. Click "Show Package Contents

3. Open the MacOS folder

4. Open the terminal within the folder!

^^from there, the terminal should launch the game

Deleted 329 days ago

I had the same issue. Launching it through the desktop app worked for me.

pls help my game is glitching i can't see the whole thing because of the full screen how do i reset the preferences please help.

I honestly thought this game was super cute in a twisted way and it was a really fun little game to play. Keep being awesome developer.

Deleted 1 year ago

Man, you're an asshole. It's not supposed to be really deep, go be hateful somewhere else

Deleted 1 year ago

I'm not saying that negative reviews are forbidden, I'm just saying that this simple game does not need you shitting all over it just because it's not deep or extremely high quality, pretending to be a critic. A lot of your 'critique' is "This is trash, I hate most things in life", you don't even bother to be constructive. I'd find that if you focused more on things you liked then writing paragraphs upon paragraphs of 'blunt' opinions then you'd get more out of life, however that's just a suggestion, I can't tell you how to live your life.

Deleted 1 year ago

I understand you were giving your opinion and thats alright, it's how you worded the whole thing and ended with '(this review is in no way meant to insult the developer)" after saying you wish you never knew of its existence, the creators artstyle is trash, and it has no redeeming qualities. Its evidently too late to chance what you said not that you even have to, but with you claiming to be a constructive critique wouldn't it have been better to sprinkle in some actual critique instead of ripping into how "horrible" it is. It's just a game at the end of the day and the person who created it, whether they were trying or not, shouldn't have to read such a nasty comment just because you felt like being an ass.  


hey if you want to hate how about you go make a fucking game dude

Deleted 1 year ago

"the game gives us no reason why yukari would kill her boyfriend (other than the fact that "he did something unforgivable"), and it seems like a pipe dream for edgelord 12yos. " your fucking stupid the boyfriend was dating her sister how abt pay attention you dumb fuck

Deleted 1 year ago

nah I'm good double it and give it to another person dick head




hell yeah



would kill again


omgggggggggggggggg i loved it. It's a quick game but really really fun


big fan of visual novels and I really liked the story keep up the great work!!

BEST GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT



For a game with a fairly simple premise, Liar Liar and its successor did a fairly good job.

Sometimes you don't need a complicated plot or amazing CG to tell a good story. Just telling a simple one well enough is great - especially with a premise that's as eccentric as Liar Liar. The artwork and music are incredibly cute, and once you get past the first 3 minutes of the game, you kinda realize that the game's plot was fairly well thought through.

I enjoyed it, and I think it should definitely be up there as one of the few classic visual novels made, similar to how Misao and Mad Father are well regarded within classic indie RPG horror games.


bro this is so good it should my first on game jam


I played this game a while ago on stream since I'm a VTuber (My twitch ;) And it was fun and I love the characters and their little murderous adventures lol this was fun and took me about an hour to complete I would def recommend this one! If u wan to see me play u can check the vod out here!

 Also Yukari and Miho are cute together <3

Some seriously amazing music choices in this. Fantastic game, would highly recommend.

I loved thiss!! Short and fun

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