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We had fun playing!

Thank you for making this :D

Really cute art style!!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh i like it


how do i even download this

pretty kek

one of the best games i played

i loved it a lott


im trying to download this on windows pc, but it isnt working and keeps saying failed - download error
is there a way to fix or change this?


No i don't think so but it did the same to me just keep downloading it until it works cuz that worked for me

its probably because of the wifi (0wO)


"Kill all men"

               - Yukari, 2020

Had so much fun playing it on my channel, can't wait to try out the sequel 

Guys trust Miho :3 she ended up saving me when i nearly got killed

eu adorei, eu adoro mortes e isto é de mortes


This game was amazing! Loved the endings! Your artsyle is adorable, and i love the music. 


hi! if your full screen in not working, press f and it should go back to being a window instead of being zoomed in a lot. i don't know how to fix this issue but at least you can still play!

I zoomed in and now I can't zoom out. I have tried to uninstall it and reinstall, and force reload but nothing works. How do I fix it?


Does anyone know how to download this on mac it looks like it's working then it just doesn't open


i found a way to make it work   1)  download 2) right click on game icon(girl w red hair)   3) click 'show package contents'   4)  open folder titled contents   5) open folder 'MacOs'  6)  right click open!!    

Note: i found this method by a user named chickentears  

It´s so aestheticly pleasing I love it!!

The game looks cute but i'm too young for it i think qwq

its not that gory but it has some people with blood on them


Just think of the blood as tomato juice

does anyone know how to download on an Acer Chromebook?

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This will unfortunately not run on a Chromebook. You can, of course, "download" it, but you won't be able to do anything with it.


Tengo una duda existencial, ¿Esta en español directamente?¿Hace falta parche?¿O solo esta en ingles?


can someone tell me how to download this for Linux

I love this!


what engine did you use to make this/????

plz help

Deleted 72 days ago

this is adorable and the art is so cute and bright! great work

we need more


hey can have permission to use game to stream on twitch i could give link to after done if like i can take down i just wanted your permission about this  so can i ?


Creator: A game that a worked on for five days. Me: That isn't possible uisdjiasuodhuuwijaushidjnwahsuydwbjasudibwhkjabsdwabdaawyawu


I don't know how to open the game! I'm on Linux and I haven't had it for very long and I have no idea how to open Liar Liar.

Try opening the .sh file with the terminal



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The Artstyle its amazing, the story is short but is very interesting also, the choices are good, I loved this game!


Do you have a contact email? Just because I was bored, I started with Nintendo DS programming, and I started kind of a port of this for it. I think I could complete it if you want uwu.


Cute game. Artstyle was great, characters were interesting, music was nice, loved it.


how do i play this? it looks soo cute

you need to download it, then extract the file, click back into it and run the gam

how do you extract the file??

you right click it and then their should be something that says extract- i don't understand how people don't know this lmao

i use a mac lol,,

i figured it out! you have to actually download renpy with dmg file and put it in the applications folder, and then there are more steps on how to use it to launch games tho


the art and the characters are so adorable!!


Hi tokimekiwaku! I'd like translate your game to brazilian portuguese, me and my friend already have Pyton to translate the game, we just need your permission to translate the game, thank you for your attention :)


olá, eu sou português, então se não tiver mal vou falar na nossa língua!

no passado, alguém já tinha feito traduções de todos os jogos de Liar Liar sem o conhecimento de Toki, mas quando elu ficou a saber não se importou muito e até disse que afinal era por isso que tantos russos começaram a segui-le no Twitter.

mas, e Toki é mais ative no Twitter então, se quiseres realmente a permissão dele para traduzir, pergunta-lhe lá! eu tenho vários amigos que não entendem inglês mas querem jogar Liar Liar então espero que consigas traduzir logo. ^^

it was short but funny to play and pretty interesting. loved all the endings 


piece of art


This is the most emotional visual novel I have ever played and is also the best.


Try Doki Doki Literature Club if you haven't already


bruh, exactly what I was thinking right when I saw Modern_Lovely's comment.


Try Danganronpa.


Danganronpa is one hell of a ride


try Your turn to die

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