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honestly, this is gonna sound blunt but this is kinda trash. the artstyle is obnoxious, the character design seems like it was done in 1 minute and is generic af (why the fuck does yukari have hearts for eyebrows??), the game gives us no reason why yukari would kill her boyfriend (other than the fact that "he did something unforgivable"), and it seems like a pipe dream for edgelord 12yos. 

jesus fucking christ, this might be one of the worst visual novels i've ever played. there is no redeeming quality in thie. it says in the description that it was made " for a simple test just to understand how flags and if statements worked", and it had no intention to turn into a actually good game and it shows. 

i regret playing this, i regret downloading this, and i regret even knowing about its existence.. yeah.

(this review is in no way meant to insult the developer)


Man, you're an asshole. It's not supposed to be really deep, go be hateful somewhere else




hell yeah



would kill again


omgggggggggggggggg i loved it. It's a quick game but really really fun


big fan of visual novels and I really liked the story keep up the great work!!

BEST GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT



For a game with a fairly simple premise, Liar Liar and its successor did a fairly good job.

Sometimes you don't need a complicated plot or amazing CG to tell a good story. Just telling a simple one well enough is great - especially with a premise that's as eccentric as Liar Liar. The artwork and music are incredibly cute, and once you get past the first 3 minutes of the game, you kinda realize that the game's plot was fairly well thought through.

I enjoyed it, and I think it should definitely be up there as one of the few classic visual novels made, similar to how Misao and Mad Father are well regarded within classic indie RPG horror games.


bro this is so good it should my first on game jam


I played this game a while ago on stream since I'm a VTuber (My twitch ;) And it was fun and I love the characters and their little murderous adventures lol this was fun and took me about an hour to complete I would def recommend this one! If u wan to see me play u can check the vod out here!

 Also Yukari and Miho are cute together <3

Some seriously amazing music choices in this. Fantastic game, would highly recommend.

I loved thiss!! Short and fun

the art style made it seem even more weird, i love it


I loved how cute colorful and crazy this game was. It made being a yandere almost seem normal. I'm looking forward to playing the sequel. Please keep making such cute funny games.

good game cute art style 

It was a bit short but a solid game

its cute and the character designs are great but its too edgy to the point of being like a gacha story


What a very cute and colorful game! I love how the artist gives almost every character unique eyebrows <3 Great job!!!

I have replayed this game 3 times already just for the end credits, good game.


Hello! I want to record and play this game
Although it says this error.
What does it mean?
It seems really interesting so I want to know how to fix this

You obviously have to... (take a creepy voice) "learn".

(Something people forget to do while using internet - the quasi-totality of human knowledge - to post lolcats and watch porn to continue objectifying women)

A tip to start searching&learning: Your C++ Runtime Library is not well functional.

Happy new year growing up :)

I liked it! it is not like the best game I played or anything but it was pretty cool, 8/10


good job

The only good thing about this is the art

story isnt written well and technical its also not good

a bit too edgy

3/10 for the art

Deleted 167 days ago

do we have to draw gud to make a comment about it ? 

I didnt say the art was bad

what i wanted to say is the art saved the game 3 points cuz  the only good thing about it is the art it is very good

the game is legit about killing someone how do you think its supposed to be

Me who's edgy: Sounds like a positive review


This game is Great, I really hope someday  I could do something like this. I am sorry I can´t donate to this came because it deserves it. I would even pay to play it on steam


Whether you mean kill your boyfriend or make a visual novel, I agree. If you'd like to do the visual novel part renpy or kocho are pretty good, and free programs. You can commission an artist for sprites or do it yourself. Now if you'd like to do the killing your bf part, grab a knife. Hope this helps


THIS IS SOCUTE - the ending hnifvj


an excellent game of girls doing girl things!!! :3


this wont load for me!!! can someone pls help me?



very cute and dark but funny game liked it a lot! 

Super cute, super fun. Called it on the reason why, but that's just how things go. Needs a proofreader to polish it up, but I'd play more games like this! Keep on having fun making games!


this game reminds me of when people were obsessed with yandere simulator. this is how i image middle schoolers to act like when they're going through that phase! if any of you reading my comment think this comment is negative, i'm not hating on the game- it's just very nostalgic to that time. anyway, the artwork is adorable and it was entertaining to see that they (the students) believe killing is so simple. yukari, your sister is an idiot for not believing you and your boyfriend is trash. </3 thank you for making such a fun game! <3

middle school ;(


This game feels so strange, yet is so funny, seeing the kids so easily turn into murderers. The cute artwork was so perfect, especially how contrasting it is to them once they get covered in blood. Loved the game and had to make sure I experienced all endings.
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Cute and short VN with suprising yuri ending... it was pretty good :-)


searching for horror games i found this cute one lmao, i loved the style and althought it was short im going to play de second one because i had fun doing al the options <3


soo i found this meanwhile download some gacha mod while i saw this and intrested me belike: dang should i download it? but i just download 4 mod, what would happen if i use download this?


what? It's a game not mod.... are you high?


what do you mean


maybe if you didn't know what gacha is you maybe not understand what i'm talkin


well he probably didn't understand what you said. Not to be rude but what you actually said is very confusing. 


owh okay XD


this is kinda sexist



is this a joke

I too am confused

I can't download it helppppp:((((



Ahhh! I loved the good ending! 😆

This game was adorable! The art style is amazing <3


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